DIC Performance Analysis

Skills: Basic DIC knowledge.

Date: August 23, 2017

Time: 16:00 PM CEST

In our 2nd instalment of MatchID DIC webinars, we will be uncovering the automated approach for DIC performance analysis, where we understand:

- The influence of DIC parameters,
- Optimization of signal vs noise,
- The meaning of parallel processing.

The webinar will comprise of an hour long intensive live broadcast, where the attendees will get to learn from the experts, interact one-on-one with the presenters, and send in queries as the webinar progresses. Registrations will open soon.

Passed Webinars


Back to the basics

Skills: No skills req.

Date: May 31, 2017

Time: 16:00 PM CEST

Discover the fundamentals of DIC in our first installment of webinars on MatchID modules and training, where we are taking it back to basics. An hour of intensive live webinar, where you can interact with the presenter, and send in queries as the webinar progresses. The topics will include:

- The basic principles of DIC,
- The difference between subset size and step size, and their limitations,
- The hidden components of DIC: Correlation criterion, interpolation routines and subset shape functions.

Register now to attend the webinar. Seats are limited and will be allotted on a first come first served basis